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Commanding Officers Page

In Honor of Our Captain
Gardner S. Barrett, Captain U. S. Navy.

Captain Gardner S. Barrett was U.S. Navy, graduated from Massachusetts
Maritime Academy on September 9, 1951, and was commissioned an Ensign,
U.S. Naval Reserve. From graduation until October of 1955, he served as
a Deck Officer in the U.S. Merchant Marine. In October 1955, Commander
Barrett came on active duty as Lieutenant Junior Grade, and became Officer
in-charge of the Branch U.S. Navy Hydrographic Office, Yokosuka, Japan.
Upon leaving the Hydrographics Office in August of 19957, he became the
Navigator of the USS ARNEB (AKA-56) the following October. While on board
the ARNEB, he participated in Operation Deep Freeze III. From October of
1958, until January of 1961, he was the operations Officer of the USS LLOYD

In Febuary of 1962, Commander BARRETT reported to the Bureau of Naval
Personal as LTJG/ENS Desk Surface Retention Officer. In August of 1963,
he was assigned as Executive Officer of USS MITSCHER (DL-2). Commander
BARRETT assumed his first at-sea command in March 1964, as Commanding
Officer USS JOHN WILLIS (DE-1027. He served in this capacity until July
of 1965, when he attended the Command and Staff Course at the U.S. Naval
War College until June of 1966. This tour was followed by duty with the
Joint Chiefs of Staff, Washington D.C. He assumed hi duty as Commanding
Officer, USS JULIUS A. FURER (DEG-6) in August of 1968.

Let this page Stand to HONOR a Captain that will be missed.
Thank You Captain Barrett for Your Service on the Furer.
Hand Salute