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Commanding Officers Page

In Honor of Our Shipmate
Joseph Panik SN, Uss Julius A. Furer DEG-6.

Message from FRANK J. SHOAF, 1st Lt, USAF:

I am writing to inform you that Joseph C. Panik, Jr,
passed away on 25 November 2005. He was friends with
John Caster. I believe Joe was a plank owner, as I've
seen his certificate and membership card. I am his
son-in-law, and have been serving in the US Air Force
on active duty since 2000. Thank you for your service.

Let this page Stand to HONOR a great Shipmate
that will be missed by All.
Thank You Joseph C. Panik, Jr. for Your Service on the
Uss Julius A. Furer and your Country.
Hand Salute

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