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Commanding Officers Page

In Honor of Our Shipmate
W. Pobedinsky SN, Uss Julius A. Furer DEG-6.

Message from Paul Croteau:

I remember "Ski" well. He was convinced that only two things were true; that using Bay Rum aftershave attracted women and that Bayonne, NJ was the center of the known universe. Nice guy...

Hand Salute

Message from Chopper:

I have at times thought of Bill and wondered what he was doing and where he was....another bit of sad news as we look for our shipmates. We all feel like we are getting old but this is just to early in life, a sad day....Chopper
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Message from Howard Bender:

I'm very sorry to hear about the passing of Bill, I do remember him very well "Mr. Bayonne". We shared many a ride down from Newport R I to Penn Station. Can remember many Sunday evenings meeting him and Joe Bagrozza at the bar at Penn Station. Seems like the guys here in the NY area are checking out early. God Bless..... Howie
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Message from G. Hervieux (Frenchy):

It was a very sad day when Paul email me about Ski passing on. I will remember him very well in the pictue I have of him in the crew picture section, playing cards with us in the shop. He was funny a joker and great friend to go on liberty with, may he rest in peace.. God Bless shipmate, Frenchy....
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Let this page Stand to HONOR a great Shipmate
that will be missed by All.
Thank You W. Pobedinsky for Your Service on the
Uss Julius A. Furer and your Country.
Hand Salute