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USS JULIUS A. FURER DEG-6 was leased to Pakistan and renamed BADR and returned on December 11, 1993 and scrapped. Information researched by Gerard Hervieux, Plankowner of the USS Julius A. Furer.

USS BROOKE DEG 1/FFG 1 was leased to Pakistan on February 1, 1989 and renamed KHAIBAR and returned November 14, 1993 and scrapped. USS RAMSEY DEG 2/FFG 2 was sunk as a target on June 15, 2000. USS SCHOFIELD DEG 3/FFG 3 was sunk as a target on November 2, 1999. USS TALBOT DEG 4/FFG 4 was leased to Pakistan on April 30, 1989 and renamed HUNIAN and returned on November 29, 1992 and scrapped. USS RICHARD L. PAGE DEG 5/FFG 5 was leased to Pakistan on March 31, 1989 and renamed TABUK and returned on January 15, 1994 and scrapped. Information researched and provided by Steve Hunt, Plankowner USS BROOKE.