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Commanding Officers Page

In Honor of Our Shipmate
WO-1 B.D. Tyler, Uss Julius A. Furer DEG-6.

Message from: Steve Tyler

He passed away from a boating accident while in Rota Spain.
He was serving on the USS Newport and was going ashore on the
Captains gig when he hurt his hand mooring crushed his ring
finger. While having his finger amputated in the Palma Majorca
emergency room, he had a heart attack. He recovered and 16 days
later passed away from a second heart attack on June 22, 1978.
The news we received was that he was in an accident and would be
coming home soon. We received letters quite some time later
written during his stay where he spoke about returning home.
It was a tremendous shock when Captain Kingston came by the house
to tell us he was not coming home. His first tour on a DE was on
the Garcia, then the Furer and ended with the Aylwin. After the
Aylwin he finished college and officer school. He was a Lt on the
Newport awaiting future assignment. In all the time he spent
talking about his Naval carrier, I could tell his Frigate days
were his proudest.

Thanks to all of my father's Garcia, Brook and Knox class-mates.

Steve Tyler

Hand Salute

Message from: Gary Nutter..

Yep, I do remember him and he was a nice guy.

Hand Salute

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Let this page Stand to HONOR a great Officer and
Shipmate that will be missed by All.
Thank You WO-1 B. D. Tyler for Your Service on the
Uss Julius A. Furer and your Country.
Hand Salute