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Commanding Officers Page

In Honor of Our Shipmate
Rick Foster SN, Uss Julius A. Furer DEG-6.

Message from Paul Croteau:

I remember him well. A real good kid. He was a good lookout
and phone talker on the bridge. Saved our butt in CIC more
than once as I recall.

Hand Salute

Message from G. Hervieux (Frenchy):

It was a very sad day when Paul email me about Foster passing on.
I remember him as being quiet and some one you would liked to be
with on Liberty. May he now rest in peace..
God Bless shipmate, Frenchy, DC3...
Hand Salute

Email Me your Message about Foster:

Let this page Stand to HONOR a great Shipmate
that will be missed by All.
Thank You R. Foster for Your Service on the
Uss Julius A. Furer and your Country.
Hand Salute