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The USS JULIUS A. FURER (DEG-6), the first ship of the Fleet named in honor of Rear Admiral Julius A. Furer, USN, was built by the Bath Iron Works Corporation, Bath Maine. Her Keel was laid on 12 July 1965. She was launched on 22 July 1966 under the sponosorship of Mrs. Julius A. Furer, widow of Rear Admiral Furer. During September and October of 1967, the precommissioning crew underwent training at Fleet Training Center, Newport, Rhode Island while a nucleus of officers and enlisted men completed Preliminary Acceptance Trails at Bath Maine. Training and trials completed, the FURER, was placed in commission with ceremonies at the Boston Naval shipyard, Boston, Massachusetts on 11 november 1967.

The Furer has twofold mission. Primarily she has the responsibility of decting and destroying enemy submarines. In addition, her advance offensive/defensive anti-air armament, a new dimesion in this class of ship, has been added. Her anti-submarine warfare capabilities are enhanced by a modern, sophisticated SONAR, supported by the efficient ASROC (Anti-Submarine rocket) and modern torpedo tubes. She also has a sophisticated and complex guided missile system, TARTAR, and a single 5"/38 gun give the FURER one of the most versatile and well rounded systems of weaponry in the fleet. The maneuverability for the weapons system is provided by two modern pressurefired boilers capable of developing 35,000 shaft horse power ahead and 4,500 shaft horse power astern. This power will drive the single 5-bladed screw which will propel the FURER through the water in excess of 27 knots. Following commissioning, the ship made her first cruise to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for shakedown Training. After returning to the states, FURER was called upon to participate in a rescue and search assignment for the nuclear submarine, USS SCORPION.

After receiving a LAMPS helicopter flight deck in 1973, JULIUS A. FURER was re-designated a guided missile frigate on 30 June 1975 and became FFG-6. Decommissioned on 10 November 1988, she was leased to Pakistan on 31 January 1989 and became guided missile frigate BADR (D-161). Returned to U.S. custody at Singapore on 11 December 1993, she was stricken from the Navy Register the same day. Transferred to the Maritime Administration on 29 March 1994, former JULIUS A. FURER was sold for scrap the same day to Trusha Investments Pte. Ltd., c/o Jacques Peirot, Jr. & Sons, of New York City for $660,600.

DEG-6 Displacement: 3,426 tons Length: 4146 Beam: 441 Draft: 246 Speed: 27.2 k. Complement: 248 Armament: 1 5; 1 Tartar missile launcher; 1 DASH drone helicopter Class: BROOKE